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Lunar eclipse 2022: when and where to watch the last blood moon of this year

Lunar Eclipse 2022: The last lunar eclipse of the year will happen very soon and you can watch the moon turn into a blood moon.

2022 Lunar Eclipse: November 8 will witness the last lunar eclipse of this year, which is expected to be a partial lunar eclipse followed by a total lunar eclipse. It will also be a “blood moon” eclipse phenomenon where the moon turns red in the shadow of the sun. Check the date and time for the total lunar eclipse. The final lunar eclipse of this year will soon take place and will display a fascinating ‘Blood Moon’, which will enchant the people of Earth. The lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan that will take place on November 8 will turn the moon red for about 85 minutes.

NASA recently tweeted: “On November 8, 2022, the moon will go into Earth’s shadow and turn red. This will be the last total lunar eclipse in about 3 years, so be sure to check it out if it’s visible in your area.” .

What is the Blood Moon Eclipse?

The total lunar eclipse sometimes gives the moon a reddish hue called the Blood Moon. It happens because the light from the sun refracts around the earth, while the earth acts like a prism. The light waves are stretched, so they appear with a reddish tinge when they reach the moon, according to space.com.

To experience and observe this all depends on several factors, including your local time and location. However, the eclipse will be broadcast online around the world through various observatories for people who would not be able to witness this phenomenon live.

Lunar Eclipse 2022: Date, Place and Time

This partial lunar eclipse is expected to occur on Nov. 8 at 2:39 p.m. IST. The total eclipse phase, Blood Moon, is expected to occur about an hour later at 3:46 PM IST on the same day and the eclipse will be at its peak at 4:29 PM IST. The eclipse ends at 5:11 p.m. IST.

According to space.com, the lunar eclipse will be visible from Iceland, parts of South America, South and Central Asia and Russia. The penumbral eclipse will be visible from eastern Brazil and Argentina, northern Scandinavia and the Middle East.

How to observe the lunar eclipse?

While there are guidelines for observing a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is perfectly safe. It can be seen harmlessly with the naked eye. In addition, lunar eclipses can last longer than solar eclipses. However, if the weather conditions are not good, it will be difficult to observe anything.

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