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NASA Alert! Planet-killer 93-foot asteroid zooms toward Earth today; SHOCKING discovery

Will this asteroid impact the planet and cause a global catastrophe? Here’s what NASA says about this creepy space rock.

Earth has been in the firing line of several space phenomena in recent weeks, including solar storms and asteroids. On the planet itself, hurricanes have relentlessly wreaked havoc. While asteroids have caused no damage, they are a constant threat as more than 40 asteroids have passed very close to Earth in the past month alone. Now NASA has warned that another asteroid, a 92-foot monster, is on the way and could be a potential planet killer. Shockingly, it was discovered 2 days ago on October 2!

Key details about Asteroid 2022 TF

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office is responsible for monitoring the skies and keeping an eye on several Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). If a NEO is at risk of impacting Earth, NASA will red flag it and issue a warning. The same organization has issued a warning about an asteroid called Asteroid 2022 TF going straight to Earth today, October 4. According to NASA, the 93-foot-wide asteroid will come closest to the planet today at a distance of just 2.65 million kilometers. It is hurtling towards Earth at a speed of 37008 kilometers per hour.

According to the-sky.org, the Asteroid 2022 TF belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It takes this asteroid 1110 days to complete one orbit around the sun, with its maximum distance from the sun being 476 million kilometers and its closest distance being 152 million kilometers.

Did you know the technology behind the research?

A team of international researchers identified asteroid impact sites using CSI crime-solving techniques. Only 30 percent of Holocene asteroid impact craters have been identified in the past 11,650 years, according to the research. The researchers used charcoal samples from crater sites to identify the asteroid impact.

A recent article published in the Geological Society of America’s journal Geology explains that the bodies of organisms that died as a result of the asteroid impact can be analyzed to determine the extent of damage caused by the asteroid impact. By studying how an organism died, researchers can figure out the circumstances in which they were killed, which reflects an asteroid’s properties.

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