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Tech news you may have missed from October 28 through November. 3

New Microsoft 365 deployment tools, making OneDrive work on your iPhone, and a new Cranefly backdoor lead the headlines this week.

In another week of intense world news, you may have missed these tech stories. Thank goodness we’re here to remind you. Letting your Apple devices play with OneDrive, a new Excel feature, and a new way attackers communicate during their campaigns lead the best technology stories TechRepublic had to offer this week.

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5 common mistakes to avoid when using Microsoft OneDrive with Apple devices

Microsoft OneDrive
Image: IB Photography/Adobe Stock

OneDrive is the cloud storage offering that is the foundation Microsoft 365 home and business editions. There are Apple-specific versions of the app that can be used on your iPhone or Mac. But beware of these pitfalls in naming conventions, access, and synchronization to ensure all your files are saved exactly as you intend.

Erik Eckel explains the best practices and tools for running OneDrive on your Apple devices. Read the full list here.

Best data preparation software of 2022

A data leader reviews data visualizations.
Image: fizkes/Adobe Stock

Artificial intelligence in all its forms underpins so many of the processes that run a modern business, and good data preparation is the best way to keep AI in peak condition. To find the right tool for your organization’s specific data preparation needs, you need to consider what you will do with your data. With such an important role in the company, you have to do it right.

Aminu Abdullahi analyzed the data preparation market and highlighted the best software options for your business. Read the full list here.

Using the new TEXTSPLIT() function in Microsoft Excel

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on a computer screen.
Image: wachiwit/Adobe Stock

Excel power users, rejoice! The spreadsheet tool has released TEXTSPLIT() which replaces and obscures the TEXT TO COLUMN function. This incredibly powerful feature can split text with multiple delimiters and split the results into columns or rows.

Susan Harkins gives a full explanation of the differences between TEXTSPLIT() and TEXT TO COLUMN, examples of how to use this powerful function, and provides a demo file for easy testing. Read the full tutorial here.

Cranefly uses new communication technology in attack campaigns

A code warning screen for a detected malware script.
Image: James-Thew/Adobe Stock

Symantec has reported the observation of a new malware communication technique via IIS log files. These files contain strings that are not found in regular IIS logs. These strings can decode and save a new .ashx file that contains either a previously known backdoor or a previously unobserved backdoor called Trojan.Danfuan.

Cedric Pernet unpacks the threat and offers some ways to detect it. Read the full analysis here.

How to use the new Microsoft 365 deployment tools

Microsoft Office 365 screen.
Image: dennizn/Adobe Stock

Change is inevitable, even for beloved operating systems. It may be time for you to upgrade to Office 2019 before the security releases end in April 2023. If the lack of security patches doesn’t convince you to switch, the new Microsoft 365 deployment tools and features can help you make your decision.

Simon Bisson explains how to use the new tools, including the new Servicing Profiles. Read the full explanation here.

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