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The Ghost OTT release is HERE! Watch the Nagarjuna action movie online on this app

Don’t miss the Nagarjuna starrer The Ghost OTT release. Find out where and when you can watch this action movie online.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Rao, known as Nagarjuna needs no introduction. The actor has achieved legendary status for years with his non-stop blockbuster hits. The two-time winner of the National Film Awards is loved and admired by millions of people in the country and people are queuing up to buy tickets to his films. And after Brahmastra and Bangarraju, his third film of the year, The Ghost, has recently been screened. And if you missed the movie in the midst of all the festivities, don’t worry. You will soon be able to watch the film online from the comfort of your home as The Ghost OTT release is very soon. Check on which app The Ghost OTT release will take place.

The Ghost OTT release announced

The Ghost is a 2022 Indian Telugu action thriller written and directed by Praveen Sattaru. Although the film has received mixed reviews from critics, its performance, especially of Nagarjuna and the action sequences, has been critically acclaimed. What does this tell us? The film certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it promises you an entertaining time, if you like indulging in action movies.

The story of the film is about an Interpol field agent who suffers from anger management problems. The anger stems from his past where his mother was killed in a riot. But things take a turn for the worse when he fails on a mission to save a boy, exacerbating his anger issues and eventually causing him to divorce his wife. The story is about what happens next and how he becomes the titular ‘Ghost’.

The film stars Nagarjuna, Sonal Chauhan, Gul Panag, Anikha Surendran, Manish Chaudhari, Ravi Varma, Srikanth Iyengar and others.

On Tuesday, Netflix posted an Instagram post that read, “People who go up against him should prepare for a nightmare as THE GHOST returns from the dead! The Ghost is coming to Netflix on November 2,” marking the date and the date. platform for the film’s OTT release will be revealed.

If you want to see this movie, make a note of the date. New movies on Netflix usually appear after 7am. You need a subscription to the platform to watch the film.

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