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The sun SLEEPS too! Amazing revelation by Indian researchers

Was there ever a time when the sun fell asleep? Know what happened during this event.

Our sun is approaching the middle of its 11-year solar cycle, resulting in increased solar activity and solar output. Earth has experienced numerous solar flares in recent months, and more are expected as the sun continues in its cycle. This has resulted in more frequent solar flares, resulting in more solar flares being sent to Earth with the potential to cause power outages, blackouts and GPS crashes. Scientists expect solar activity to peak in the year 2025, when the sun is well into its solar cycle.

The sun is almost 4.6 billion years old and was formed at the same time as our solar system. However, it hasn’t shone that bright over the years. In fact, the sun has had years when its solar activity was minimal, known as the “Grand Minimum”. Now an astonishing revelation has been made by the researchers at the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India, as described in India today. In a study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society magazineIndian researchers Chitradeep Saha, along with Sanghita Chandra and Professor Dibyendu Nandy, have studied solar activity over the past 10,000 years to determine the effects of the period in which the sun has fallen into a valley, as it were.

The study revealed that even when the sun was in a deep dormancy state, solar activity was constant both on the surface and inside. Although much of the solar activity, such as flares and sunspots, stopped, minimal magnetic activity continued to occur, which is necessary to maintain the solar cycle.

Chitradeep Saha, lead author of the paper, told India Today: “Our 10,000-year computer simulations shed light on the dynamics that take place in the sun’s interior and in the polar regions, even when there is a critically low number of sunspot eruptions on the solar surface. for an extended period known as the great solar minimum.”

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