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Twitter India workers cry as Elon Musk starts company-wide layoffs

Twitter India workers would be in distress as Elon Musk embarks on major global layoffs.

Twitter workers in India are currently witnessing great distress as Twitter’s new “Chief Twit” begins massive layoffs around the world. In India, employees have not been informed about this, but as of today they have been notified via email and have been logged out of their systems. The company had emailed all of its employees around the world to go home and wait for an email in their inboxes. In India, workers have to wait until 9:30 p.m. IST to receive that email.

Based on a report from India Today Tech, several Indian Twitter employees are now said to have been logged out of their systems and several others are being logged out. It is rumored that Twitter led by Elon Musk will observe 50 percent of its staff being asked to leave the company.

“We recognize that this is an incredibly challenging experience to go through, whether you are affected or not. Thank you for continuing to adhere to the Twitter policy that prohibits you from sharing confidential business information on social media, with the press or elsewhere to discuss,” said the memo sent to Twitter employees a few hours ago.

Twitter India employees are logged out of systems

So it’s now up to Twitter employees to wait for an official mail to arrive, announcing who can stay and work with Musk’s new Twitter and who should pack their bags. Musk had taken over Twitter last week after closing his $44 billion deal. Musk had said he wants to make several changes to the company to avoid the company’s losses and make it a better place to microblogging.

Musk wants to make sure Twitter promotes the idea of ​​free speech and makes it a better place for ads. He had fired ex-CEO Parag Agarwal along with other top management at Twitter to let the company run its own course. He also hired a number of new people and engineers. Musk has recently been in the spotlight for promoting a work culture that takes away all days off for his employees.

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