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Warning! Dangerous Geomagnetic Storm Today; It will affect the earth and humanity in this way

A geomagnetic storm warning was issued today due to extremely high solar activity over the past few days.

Our sun is in the middle of its 11-year solar cycle and this has led to an increase in solar activity and solar output. Earth has experienced numerous solar flares in recent months, and more are expected as the sun continues in its cycle. In recent days, strong coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have been observed from the sun. Now a geomagnetic storm warning has been issued for today, as these terrifyingly powerful CMEs will strike Earth’s magnetosphere today.

According to spaceweather.com, “OAA forecasters say there is a chance of G2-class geomagnetic storms on Oct. 4 when multiple CMEs can push Earth’s magnetic field aside.” These CMEs erupted from sunspot AR3110 which released strong solar flares over the weekend, including M5.9, M8.7 and X1 rated flares.

Solar storms occur as a result of a coronal mass ejection (CME) created on the surface of the sun. These emissions send solar flares to Earth. According to the K-index, which measures the magnetic field around the Earth, solar storms are divided into 5 classes from G-1 to G-5. The G-1 is the lowest impact solar G5 is given to the heaviest solar storms.

As the particles reach Earth during the solar storm, they interact with Earth’s magnetic field and cause geomagnetic storms. While dangerous, geomagnetic storms can also create shifting curtains of light in green, blue and pink that illuminate the night sky in the northern and southern poles. They are called Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis at the North Pole and Southern Lights or Aurora Australis at the South Pole.

How solar flares affect our technology

Fortunately, scientists can predict solar flares before they happen, and if they do occur, they still take some time to reach our planet. This means we have enough time to secure our technology before the solar flare can reach us. The part that really affects technology is called an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). It contains a lot of charged particles, and when they hit something conductive, they give that charge to that conductive object, creating current in a part of a circuit that overloads a powered line. This can fry components and even melt wires if they become overloaded.

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