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Whatsapp offline for hours yesterday! Here’s the “reason” why:

WhatsApp down was the cry of horror of millions of users yesterday. And now Meta has revealed the cause.

Everything in the WhatsApp world was normal yesterday and then, Wham! The world came to a standstill! You would actually think of the kind of reactions WhatsApp elicited from users yesterday. No, this isn’t a script for an end-of-the-world movie, but it was the result of an all-important service that went down yesterday – WhatsApp. The Meta app went down for about 2 hours yesterday, halting communication worldwide. WhatsApp’s mobile app, desktop app and WhatsApp Web all stopped working. Now app experts have revealed the reason behind it. Not only the messaging service, but also WhatsApp audio and video call functionality were affected.

Speaking to India Today Tech, a company spokesperson said “the brief outage was the result of a technical error on our part”. This, of course, was not very helpful in identifying the problem and there was no word on whether the same would not happen again.

The actual error message that popped up when WhatsApp was not available was this: “Make sure your computer has an active internet connection”. It forced people to rush to check if their internet had crashed. But that was not the case because WhatsApp itself had crashed. Users immediately took to Twitter to express their frustrations at not being able to use the messaging app.

The English YouTuber and rapper @KSI wrote on Twitter: “I don’t think WhatsApp works. I now realize how much I depend on WhatsApp lmao.”

The problem was fixed after almost two hours, but that resulted in users winning over other apps such as Telegram and Signal. A company spokesperson said in an emailed statement: “We know that people were having problems sending messages on WhatsApp today. We have resolved the issue and apologize for the inconvenience.”

Despite WhatsApp being back up and running, many users still complained about various issues including delays in sending and receiving messages and getting errors while updating status for a short period of time.

The outage is the longest of the year and second only to the outage of October 5, 2021 when WhatsApp went unresponsive for about 6 hours. The global outage hit countries like India, UK, Turkey, Italy, Indonesia and others.

Amazingly, other Meta apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger remained unaffected by the WhatsApp outage.

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