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Xbox’s November update lets you join Discord voice channels right from the console

Xbox gets built-in Discord voice chat. As part of the November update, Microsoft announced that players can now connect to Discord voice channels directly from the console. Previously, you had to rely on the phone app or PC to transfer the call to the Xbox system before chatting with friends. The new update completely skipped that process, allowing you to access any voice channels or servers directly from the pop-out guide. The latest Xbox update has also improved the game capture experience by adding a separate application.

As long as the Discord account is connected to the Xbox console, one should be able to access the Parties and Chats tab and find their friends list. Keep in mind that Microsoft treats both Discord and Xbox party lists separately, so you may need to switch accordingly depending on what games you play. Additionally, the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles will now benefit from noise reduction, thanks to third-party software Krisp, which siphons audio input to remove background noises such as “barking dogs and clicking keyboards” and delivers clear audio from your end . That said, if you prefer unfiltered audio, just go to the “Options” section of the Discord call and disable noise reduction.

It’s also worth noting that these changes only apply to Discord server conversations. If you want to talk directly to a friend, you still need the mobile app, just like before, to transfer the call to your Xbox. While these are welcome additions to the voice chat experience on console, Xbox still lacks an integration to join SMS channels on Discord. It is not known for now whether the company plans to implement it.

Microsoft has too added a new Captures app on Xbox, accessible from the ‘Capture & share’ tab, which offers “enhanced viewing, management and editing of your game recordings”. Clips and screenshots can now be transferred directly to an external drive and promises a higher bit rate on the Xbox Series S/X for those 720p and 1080p captures. You can also start streaming directly from the Xbox console via Twitch, Lightstream or Streamlabs by simply going to the ‘Live Streaming’ option and scrolling down to ‘Destination’ to choose between the three. Unfortunately, the Twitch app on Xbox is for viewing only for now.

Finally, the Xbox November update brings upgrades to the wishlist feature, with notifications for when a game goes on sale – similar to Steam. In addition, friends and family members can choose, buy and gift a title as long as you’ve shared your wishlist.

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