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Casual Crorepati! In shocking move, Google paid Rs. 2 crore for a hacker

Google accidentally paid Rs. 2 crore to a hacker and turned him into a casual crorepati. Here’s how he reacted.

In a shocking development, it has been revealed that Google has wrongly paid a huge amount of Rs. 2 crore to a hacker, turning him into a crorepati by accident. What’s worse, Google even forgot to take it back! The information was shared by the hacker himself. The self-proclaimed hacker named Sam Curry (@samwcyo) even asked if he could somehow contact Google about the matter. take to his Twitter account he shared a screenshot and wrote: “It’s been a little over 3 weeks since Google randomly sent me $249,999 and I still haven’t heard anything about the support ticket. Is there any way we can contact @Google? (the is good if you don’t want it back…).” Of course, the payment is in dollars (just under a quarter of a million dollars) and rounded in rupees it adds up to crores.

According to the screenshot shared by him, it can be seen that he received $250,000 (about Rs. 2 crore) from Google in the month of August. More interestingly, the hacker himself does not know why he received such a large amount from the tech giant.

Who is Sam Curry?

According to the information Curry shared via his Twitter bio, he is a self-confessed hacker, has a blog explaining web application security, and is a staff security engineer at Yuga Labs. “Hacker, bug bounty hunter, run a blog to better explain web application security. Staff Security Engineer @yugalabs,” reads his Twitter bio.

What Google Said

According to an report by NPR, Google confirmed it made the payment by mistake, saying it was the result of human error. “Our team recently made a payment to the wrong party due to human error. We appreciate that the affected partner communicated with us quickly and we are working to correct this,” a Google spokesperson told NPR.

How Twitter Users Reacted

The incident stunned Twitter users. Here’s how they responded and commented on the post.

1. “I’m curious about the name of the payer. Is that an edited nickname or did “Google Llc Edi Pymnts” send you the money? Because if it’s the latter, does it sound like someone impersonating Google?”

2. “Be careful. There is a scam where people deposit money into your account. You send the money back to them, only if they applied for a loan in your name that you have yet to repay, but you gave the money away . Make sure it’s you who initiate the contact. Verify the identity!”

3. “I would call the FBI and let them know. If this is a scam they can help, if not they can provide documents you provided ahead of time. You may also want to call the IRS. When the FBI kicks in in a 1/4 million dollar transaction it will speed things up.”

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