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“We will definitely use it in our future”

Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji on fan theories: 'We will definitely use it in our future'

A still from Brahmastra. (courtesy: YouTube)

New Delhi:

Keep the Brahmastra fan theories going around, who knows, they might as well be used in the second part of the movie. this is what Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji’s new Instagram post is about. After 11 days of the film’s release and the tremendous response it received from audiences and critics alike, Ayan Mukerji wrote in his post:”Brahmastra Part one is 11 days old today and on this Monday (the day of Shiv) some good pure energy is being released for…” He added, “What the film has accomplished so far” writing: “The journey which it will continue in the coming weeks as the holidays come upon us.”

Ayan Mukerji also stated in his post that the public feedback and all fan theories circulating on the internet will be taken into account in the future. “All the audience feedback we’ve received (good and not so good) – which we’re all absorbing and learning a lot from. All the great fan theories out there (some of which we’re definitely going to use in our future),” he wrote.

Writing about part two and the astraverse, Ayan Mukerji added, “I didn’t think I’d be ready to go back to work once this first baby was born, but the energy of our audience has given me the energy to go straight to jump back in… For all this… Thank you.”

Read Ayan Mukerji’s message here:

In the first leg of the Astra universe of movies, Ranbir Kapoor’s character Shiva is part of the powerful Brahmastra. He is represented by the element of fire. Amitabh Bachchan and Nagarjuna are the protectors of the Brahmastrawhile Mouni Roy represents the dark forces that make the Brahmastra. In the film, SRK’s character Mohan Bhargav is a scientist, who also acts as the protector of the Brahmastra. He also possesses the Vanar Astra, which gives him speed and agility. Nagarjuna is the master of the Nandiastra, who gives him the strength of a thousand bulls.

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