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What this means for the game industry- Technology News, Firstpost

In a massive leak that has rocked Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, the major investors and the holding company that owns Rockstar Games and the gaming industry, some 90 videos showcasing early gameplay footage of the upcoming open-world RPG Grand Theft Auto: 6 popped up on YouTube and a number of different social media platforms.

GTA 6 Early Gameplay Videos Leaked Online_ What Does This Mean For The Game Industry?

Grand Theft Auto: 6 or GTA 6 is ready to become the successor of GTA Vone of the biggest hits of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. GTA V first launched in 2013, it has since become the second best-selling game of all time, generating over $6 billion in revenue.

GTA6, that is at least two years away from a launch is expected to be bigger and better than GTA V in every way. Rockstar Games was confident it would be the biggest hit of the GTA franchise. Obviously, any leaks could hinder the game’s launch and put a dent in the business that the new game would have generated.

A user with the username “teapotuberhacker” uploaded about 90 videos or 3 GB of data on the GTA forums, showing early footage of the gameplay. Although it is not clear how exactly the images were obtained. However, Rockstar Games is concerned that hackers may soon be able to leak more data, including GTA V and GTA 6 source codeassets and test versions.

The leaked clips circulating online confirm many of the rumors that have surfaced over the years. For example, the leaked video confirms that: one of the playable characters is a female character named Lucia. The leaks also confirm that part of the game is set in Miami as a tribute to 2002 GTA Vice City. The leaks also confirm that the NPCs or non-player characters interact in a much better way, almost at the level they did in Red Dead Redemption.

GTA 6 Early Gameplay Videos Leaked Online_ What Does This Mean For The Game Industry (1)

Rockstar and Take-Two are known for litigating and in this case rightly so. GTA 6 has been in development for years, although Rockstar only acknowledged that they were working on it in February of this year. It should come as no surprise if Rockstar has already pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the development of the new game.

A leak like this, and a potential leak like the one Rockstar fears, where a hacker prematurely releases the source code or the game itself, would make a huge dent in the business for Rockstar, potentially causing one of its most fatalities. iconic franchises in the game industry.

Since the video game industry is actually worth much more than most movie industries around the world, and that it employs more people than movies, game developers and publishers are naturally concerned. While leaks are an essential part of the industry, a leak of this magnitude is highly unusual.

Rockstar and Take-Two are currently in damage reduction mode. Officially, they have not released a statement regarding the leak and what their plans are for the future of the game and whether they will make any changes. What they are doing at the moment is to remove the leaked clips from various social media sites and prevent the clips from being distributed, which is easier said than done.

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