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Instagram bug bounty: Indian student bags a whopping $45,000 reward

Neeraj Sharma from Jaipur has been awarded a reward of $45,000 in the form of an Instagram bug bounty.

A student, Neeraj Sharma, who hails from Jaipur, has received a whopping $45,000 from Meta’s instant messaging app Instagram for storing the data of millions of users. Neeraj has found a dangerous bug that could give hackers access to users’ social media accounts. According to reports, the Instagram bug was able to change thumbnails in any user’s account without login and password, making it vulnerable to hackers. Sharma informed Instagram and Facebook about this bug and after it was verified, he was charged a Rs. 38 lakh reward by the social media platform.

He shared details about the bug, telling IANS: “There was a bug in Facebook’s Instagram that allowed the reel thumbnail to be changed from any account. All it took was the account’s media ID to change it.” , no matter how strong the account holder’s password is.” He added that he started finding this error on his Instagram account in December last year and discovered the bug almost a month later on January 31. Then he reported the same to Facebook on Instagram and got a response after three days. of them in which they asked him to share a demo.Also Read: Wow!Instagram that allows you to repost the posts of other users just like Twitter

Sharma demonstrated the bug in 5 minutes by changing the thumbnail. The social media platform approved his report and sent a letter to him on May 11. The letter stated that he would receive a reward of $45,000 (approximately 38 million). That’s not all, but Facebook has also given $4500, about Rs. 3 lakh as a bonus due to the four month delay in giving the reward. Also read: Facebook internet beaming drone completes second test flight

What is the Meta Bug Bounty Program?

Meta runs a live Meta Bug Bounty program for programmers to find bugs and issues within the platform to improve user experience. The company also offers rewards to third-party programmers and researchers for detecting vulnerabilities in Meta technologies and programs.

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