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Ola S1 rival, Komaki electric scooter touts fireproof battery

Komaki Venice Eco launches with third generation TFT display with navigation, real-time lithium battery analyzer and fire-resistant lithium ferrophosphate (LiPO4) battery kit and much more.

Komaki has announced plans to launch its Venice Eco electric scooter. To be praised on 79,999 (ex showroom) in Delhi, the e-scooter will compete with the popular Ola S1 scooter. Komaki’s electric scooter comes with several exciting features, including the use of a third-generation TFT display with navigation, a real-time lithium battery analyzer and most notably a fire-resistant lithium ferrophosphate (LiPO4) battery kit and more. The company has claimed that the new Venice Eco is safer to use thanks to its fireproof battery and advanced BMS/multiple thermal sensors/app-based connectivity with over 2000 cycles. It is noteworthy that its rival Ola S1 has been in the news recently due to several alleged battery-related fires.

Features and specifications of Komaki Venice Eco

The Komaki Venice Eco scooter is available in seven different colors, including shades of white and blue. The scooter will be on sale around the holidays this year. Furthermore, the 3rd generation TFT screen tab is claimed to provide a better navigation experience. It will also come with an integrated music player.

Speaking of the same, Gunjan Malhotra, director of Komaki Electric Division, said: “Komaki has earned its reputation for green and clean mobility by producing products that are of high quality, high performance, excellent strength, rigid design, low maintenance and long life. I am optimistic that VENICE ECO will further strengthen our customers’ confidence in the Komaki brand and that it will soon become synonymous with electric vehicles.”

While the company has revealed the details of the features, the range of the electric motor and output specifications are yet to be revealed. However, it would join the brand’s line of 11 low-speed electric two-wheelers and six high-speed electric two-wheelers.

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