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War with potential opponents can never be ruled out: Admiral R Hari Kumar | News

Sep 21, 2022, 11:46 ISTSource: ANI

Naval Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar addressed an event in Delhi on September 20 and spoke about ‘India’s Naval Revolution: Becoming an Ocean Power’. He claimed that the Indian Navy should always be ready, as war with potential adversaries can never be ruled out. He spoke about the conventional and other security challenges facing the country. He said: “While these conventional military challenges persist, terrorism remains a major security threat as it continues to evolve in shape, scale and scope. Staying one step ahead of such an invisible enemy, which will constantly innovate tactics enabled by niche technologies, is a challenge.” “In the West, despite economic constraints, Pakistan has continued its military modernization, especially its navy, which is on its way to becoming a 50-platform force,” he added.

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