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5 Reasons to Update Your Windows 11 PC NOW; Check what’s new

Microsoft has rolled out the latest Windows 11 update for 2022. Do you need to update? Know here.

Windows 11 will soon complete its first year of official arrival. And since then, several updates have been rolled out to fix the bugs and bring new features. Now, according to Microsoft’s new update cycle, the new Windows 11 2022 update is here in more than 190 countries. With the launch of Windows 11 last year, Microsoft claims to have given the PC a modern refresh, making it faster and easier to perform tasks. Now the update brings new features that are sure to change the experience. Still wondering if you should update your laptop and PC to Windows 11 or not? Here are 5 reasons to update your Windows 11 immediately.

5 reasons to update your Windows 11

Tabs in File Explorer

Earlier, Microsoft had introduced Tabs in File Explorer in the beta channel, now it has been rolled out in the official Windows 11 2022 update. It is basically to organize all files easily. Plus, File Explorer’s home page provides quick access to your favorite files, pin important files, and more. However, this feature will be available in October.

Improved start menu

The Start menu is now available with an improved and accurate search function. It will also have accessibility features such as system-wide live captions, voice access to control the PC, natural voices for the narrator, and more. While Snap Layouts also got an update with better touch navigation.

New Focus Sessions and Do Not Disturb Mode are here!

Work concentrated! The new update brings new Focus Sessions and Do Not Disturb modes for Windows 11 users. Keep in mind, though, that once the mode is enabled, most of the work, including taskbar badges, notifications, and other tasks running in the background, will be silenced.

More safety

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which warns you if you enter your credentials on a malicious website or app, is one of the new security features that has been added.

Environmentally Friendly Microsoft!

An update to the Windows Update process was available on the Dev channel earlier in March. Microsoft will schedule upgrades when CO2 emissions are lowest, making it more environmentally friendly. For lower CO2 emissions, there are additional adjustments to the default power settings for Sleep Mode and Screen Off.

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