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Earth can be hit by multiple asteroids at once! Study reveals horrifying truth

A new study has found shocking evidence about the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs from Earth. It also suggests that Earth could be hit by multiple asteroids at once in the future.

On Tuesday, September 27, NASA reached a historic milestone when it hit an asteroid with a spacecraft expected to change its orbit. As part of its planetary defense system, this could be a very important tool for us in the event that an asteroid goes to Earth and scientists need to deflect it using a spacecraft. However, a new study has revealed shocking information that Earth is more likely to be hit by multiple asteroids at once rather than just one asteroid. If the claims are true, the planetary defense system may not be enough to protect us.

The study has been published in the journal Science Advances and has analyzed microscopic glass beads in lunar soil samples. What the study found was that the glass beads in the moon’s surface were created as a result of intense heat and pressure generated by meteor impacts. Researchers studied these glass beads to reconstruct a timeline to figure out when these impacts might have formed. Shockingly, they found that these impacts on the Moon mirrored the prehistoric impacts of asteroids on Earth. Scientists have also found evidence of multiple asteroid strikes on the moon at the same time that the Chicxulub asteroid hit Earth, wiping out all non-avian dinosaurs.

“We combined a wide range of microscopic analytical techniques, numerical modeling and geological investigations to determine how these microscopic glass beads of the moon were formed and when,” Alexander Nemchin, a professor at SSTC and the study’s lead author, said in a statement. , reported Room. com.

Study claims Earth will likely be hit by multiple asteroids at once

This research highlights something that was not previously thought of. And that is, asteroids can stand out in groups and not in isolation. This is still a correlation rather than causation, but this pattern is worrisome given that most asteroid defense systems, either tested like NASA DART, or formulated, target a single major asteroid strike. If the Earth were bombarded with asteroid showers, these solutions simply wouldn’t work and humanity could perish.

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