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Samajwadi Party MLA Azam Khan, Son Return Security Staff, Provided By State Government

Samajwadi Party MLA and veteran leader Azam Khan has said he does not need the state-provided security cover. Sources also suggested that not only Azam Khan, but his son and MLA Abdullah Azam also returned the gunners assigned to them by the government for their safety.

The four security guards stationed to protect Azam Khan and Abdullah Azam have now returned to Rampur from Delhi, where Azam Khan was admitted for his treatment.

Speaking to the media on the matter, the additional SP, Sansar Singh, said: “Three gunners were delivered to MLA Azam Khan under Y-category security. Security personnel reached the Rampur police line and said they were stationed at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi on Sept. 23. They were asked to go back because they were not needed.”

Singh went on to say that all three gunmen have returned. “If Azam Khan asks for security, he gets a gunman.”

Additional SP Sansar Singh further said another gunman has returned who had been placed for the safety of Azam Khan’s son and MLA Abdullah Azam.

A few days ago, the police had recovered a government machine, valuable books and furniture belonging to Madarsa Alia from Azam Khan’s Jauhar University. Now there is speculation about Azam Khan and his son returning government shooters.

However, according to senior police officials, Azam Khan would be given security if he asks.

Earlier, the SP chief and former head of state, Akhilesh Yadav, had attacked the Yogi Adityanath-led government of the Bharatiya Janata party in the state for intimidating the Rampur MLA in false cases. The SP chief had met UP governor Anandi Ben Patel along with senior SP leaders to inform her of the alleged harassment of Azam Khan.

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