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Surprise! Instagram has quietly added a new feature called Notes

Instagram just added this text-based feature to its photo sharing platform. How does it work? Know everything here.

Instagram has been actively adding a lot of new features this month. From the ability to share YouTube Music to Instagram, an updated UI with no Shop tab, to a new monetization tool for creators, the social media platform has introduced quite a few new features. In addition, as a big surprise, Instagram has quietly added a new interesting feature, which left the users stunned! It’s called “Notes” and can be found at the top of the DM window.

What is the new feature and how does it work? Instagram just got this text-based feature, which turns out to be an option for users to share their thoughts with their friends. However, here you only have 60 characters to do this, in fact it is like leaving a short note with your contacts. Once you leave a note, it will be visible above your screenshot under the Direct Message (DMs) tab.

The best part is that if you have updated your Instagram app to the latest version, you will already find this feature available in your DMs tab with no process required to enable it. However, this comes with the sad news that just in case you didn’t like this feature, there is no way to disable the Notes feature from your app for now. Sounds interesting? Know how to share Instagram notes with your followers.

Add an Instagram note for your friends

  • Of course, first open your Instagram app and move on to the DM tab.
  • Now tap the “Your Note” button, which will open a new page where you can add a new note.
  • After you type your note, it will be available to your followers for 24 hours and they can comment on it.
  • You also get an option to choose who to share the note with, such as “Followers you follow” or “Close friends.”

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