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Amazon stops ‘Explore’ Virtual Tour product in latest version

Amazon.com Inc. shut down a virtual tour feature called “Amazon Explore”.

Amazon.com Inc. joins a virtual tour feature called “Amazon Explore,” which was launched during the pandemic, in the latest move from the online giant as it adjusts to slowing sales.

“At Amazon, we are always experimenting and testing ideas like Amazon Explore,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday. “As we phase out this program, we will continue to innovate and invest in new ways to delight our customers. We are supporting our impacted employees during this transition and are working to identify other opportunities within Amazon.”

Amazon launched Explore in 2020, targeting people suffering from cabin fever during pandemic lockdowns. Users could pay $7.50 for a 50-minute tour of sites such as an animal shelter in Costa Rica or $50 for an hour-long virtual walk through Venice’s markets.

Amazon has trimmed experimental programs to cut costs. Among the features or products that have been limited or canceled are Scout, an autonomous delivery robot, and Amazon Glow, a child-focused video calling device. The company has also stopped hiring its corporate retail teams and is shutting down Amazon Care, the start-up telehealth service.

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