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NCW chief Rekha Sharma accuses Gujarat AAP chief Gopal Italia of threatening her | News

Oct 13, 2022, 11:37 PM ISTSource: ANI

National Commission for Women Chief Rekha Sharma accused Gujarat Aam Admi Party Chief Gopal Italia of creating law and order situation and threatening her life along with his followers. The NCW summoned Gopal Italia for his derogatory remark about Prime Minister Modi on October 13. She said: “He denied having been subpoenaed, but his response is ready. He also denied his presence in the video, but in his response, he accepts tweeting. He had claimed it wasn’t him in the video.” She added: “His statement and written statement do not match. He has not given an appropriate response. I have also told the police that action should be taken against him because he created an atmosphere that would affect the law and order. His supporters tried to enter the NCW office by force.” She also added: “I had an important meeting at 2:00 pm that has now been postponed because I couldn’t go out. If 100-150 people come and threaten me, what kind of leader are they? He would go to the NCW- come to the office and just answer a few questions, why did he have to lie and take so many lawyers with him?”

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