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Romancham song Aadharanjali is the new viral hit of Malayalam cinema

The song “Aadharanjali” from the upcoming movie Romancham has gone viral. The song features singers Sushin Shyam, Madhuvanti Narayan and others, dressed as 80s movie stars, grooving to slow but enjoyable beats.

The song is composed by Sushin Shyam. It is sung by Sushin and Madhuvanti Narayan.

Romancham is written and directed by Jithu Madhavan. The film was set to release on October 14. However, the film’s release has been delayed due to production reasons.

Romancham seems like a horror comedy. The previously released trailer revealed that the film is set in 2007 in Bengaluru. A bunch of Malayali singles invite trouble into their one-room apartment when they turn a carrom board into a ouija board. And things seem to spiral out of control when their neighbors learn their supposed ability to communicate with the dead.

Romancham is led by Soubin Shahir. And it also has a huge supporting cast including Arjun Ashokan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Sajin Gopu, Siju Sunny, Afzal PH, Abin Bino, Jagadeesh Kumar, Anantharaman Ajay, Joemon Jyothir and Sreejith Nair.

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