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How many asteroids near Earth are there? Check horrific number

Scientists have discovered a terrifying number of Near-Earth asteroids, and the number is increasing by the day.

A chilling number of asteroids have been found near Earth and the number is growing by the day. More than 30,000 near-Earth asteroids have been found! To be precise, there are 30039 asteroids near Earth. A Phy.org report explains that these rocky bodies orbit the sun in a path that brings them close to Earth’s orbit. Surprisingly, most of these asteroids were discovered in the last 10 years, showing that humanity’s ability to detect potentially dangerous asteroids is developing rapidly.

However, near-Earth asteroids are about a third of the roughly one million asteroids (specifically 1113527 asteroids) discovered so far in our solar system. NASA says most of these asteroids are in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

What are asteroids near Earth?

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) accurately characterizes the orbits of all known near-Earth objects, “predicting their close approaches to Earth and making comprehensive impact risk assessments in support of the agency’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office on the NASA headquarters in Washington.”

NASA defined objects near Earth, which are asteroids and comets with orbits within 120 million miles or 195 million kilometers from the sun. This simply means that they can circulate through Earth’s orbit. In general, most objects near Earth are asteroids that range in size from about 10 feet, which is about a few meters to almost 40 kilometers wide.

Do you know? Scientists have been researching and cataloging asteroids for more than two centuries since the very first asteroid, the Ceres asteroid, was discovered in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi. Surprisingly, nearly a hundred years later, about 30 km wide Eros was discovered on August 13, 1898 by Carl Gustav Witt and Felix Linke at the Urania Observatory in Berlin.

Do we have to worry?

Marco Micheli, astronomer at ESA’s Near-Earth Object Coordination Center, explained that “Of course, any asteroid discovered near Earth qualifies as a near-Earth asteroid, but many are found far from home.” The report states that 1425 asteroids with a “non-zero” probability of impact are observed, the NEOCC’s Asteroid Risk List is continuously updated on all possible asteroids.

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