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After taking over Twitter, Elon Musk plans to revive Vine and take on TikTok with Logan Paul by his side – Technology News, Firstpost

Remember Vine, the short-lived video sharing platform that made the short video format of content go viral? Well it looks like Elon Musk plans to revive the old platform and give it a second life.

After taking over Twitter, Elon Musk plans to revive Vine, maybe on TikTok with Logan Paul by his side

Elon Musk plans to revive Vine and tackle short video platforms like TikTok. Musk may hire Logan Paul to lead the company’s creative division. Image credit: AFP

Before there was TikTok and the countless knock-offs it spawned before there was Musically, Instagram Shorts or YouTube Shorts, Vine was the go-to app for quirky and wacky vertically shot short content. The difference between a platform like TikTok and Vine is that Vine was really loved by the people, albeit for a short period of time.

Many of today’s most popular content creators came into the limelight thanks to Vine. Today we know musicians like Shawn Mendes and video makers like Logan Paul, because of Vines.

Short and snackable video content was synonymous with Vine. Indian content creators such as Bhuvan Bam owe their success and popularity to Vine – hence the name ‘BB Ki Vines’.

Twitter bought Vine in 2012, just 5 months after launching the platform, became an overnight sensation. In 2016, however, Twitter pulled the shutter on Vine, taking it off the market entirely, mainly due to growing competition. It was a decision that surprised many, especially because of Vine’s popularity despite increasing competition. There was also the fact that TikTok, one of Vine’s main competitors, paid Vine’s top creators to close exclusive multi-million dollar deals with them.

Musk posted a poll on Twitter asking users if he should revive Vine as a platform. Not only did the vast majority of people respond with a resounding yes, but some of the biggest content creators on the web, such as Mr Beast, also supported the idea.

Musk has not confirmed whether he will bring back the platform that has given us some of the most celebrated social media influencers and creators. However, there are other rumors suggesting that he is already in the process of reviving the platform.

After taking over Twitter, Elon Musk plans to revive Vine, maybe on TikTok with Logan Paul by his side (1)

Logan Paul and Shawn Mendes are just two of the singers, actors, and countless content creators who owe their careers to VIne. Image credit: AFP

Apparently Musk has already approached Logan Paul to run the platform and lead the creative department. According to a few rumors, Musk and Paul will sign a $1 billion deal soon.

The situation right now is very favorable for Musk to revive a short video platform like Vine. Short videos have only exploded as a form of content since Vine went out of business, and TikTok now has a huge chunk of the market. Due to the way content is moderated on TikTok and due to the platform’s proximity to the Chinese government, people distrust TikTok. mostly. And no matter how hard YouTube and Instagram try, people don’t want these platforms dealing with short content. Instagram in particular has often flacked for imitating features of TikTok.

If Musk does indeed relaunch Vine, no matter who runs it or who runs the platform, he will surely have found gold.

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