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BTS: RM to release solo album soon; ARMY predicts ‘wild’ collaboration with Jungkook and Pharrell Williams

After the emotional performance of BTS’ Jin of “Astronaut” at Coldplay’s concert in Argentina, RM is the next band member to release an album. JTBC News reported that RM will release his solo album on November 25. Commenting on the report, a source from RM’s agency BIGHIT MUSIC said, “RM will be releasing a solo album and it is currently in preparation.” RM’s solo album follows the release of Jin’s “Astronaut” and J-Hope’s “Jack in The Box”.

During a VLive on his birthday, RM had hinted that he was working on his album and that he would release it by the end of the year. RM had also said that “the partnership would have unexpected people,” and it has now been confirmed that Pharrell Williams would be working with him.

“What if de namkook and pharrell team up on joon’s album,” wrote one fan. “And I’ve been really curious to see who the collab artists on RM3 are since joon said he works with people close to him,” added another. One fan wrote: “I am selling my kidney for the collaboration between RM ft. BIBI and RM ft. Jungkook.”

The news of RM’s album comes as bittersweet news for ARMY, because while they are excited about the solo album, it could also mean RM is heading towards his mandatory military service with Jin. The previously released statement stated that Jin would be the first band member to start the process and the others would follow on their own schedule. Jimin, V and Suga have already teased their solo releases and more details are awaited.

Meanwhile, Jin said goodbye to ARMY in Argentina for two years after singing his recent release, “The Astronaut”, with Coldplay. Later, he took part in a fun GQ quiz, discussing the “10 Essentials” he couldn’t live without, and ARMY found himself directly mentioning his fellow band members in every sentence. He said, “The coolest people for me have to be our BTS members, right? I don’t think anyone is as cool as her. Sorry family.” During the conversation, he also expressed his false annoyance at J-Hope’s lack of gaming skills and praised V.

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