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House edge for BJP ahead of MCD polls as PM Modi delivers EWS flats in ‘game-changer’ move today

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi set to hand over the keys to 3,024 flats built in Delhi’s Kalkaji for the Economically Weakened Section (EWS) on Wednesday, BJP leaders believe people can lead respectable lives by ensuring that ‘pucca’ houses party in the coming period. municipal polls.

Sources said Prime Minister Modi has been looking for updates on the construction of the flats at every cabinet meeting for the past year. They said work in the Kathputli colony, where these flats will replace ‘jhuggis’, is also gaining momentum.

Senior BJP leaders believe handing over the flats just before the polls could prove to be a game-changer. When asked whether the move would dent the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) voting bench, Delhi BJP head Adesh Gupta replied: “Absolutely”.

BJP sources said the prime minister’s vision of giving ‘pucca’ flats to everyone will help the party, as voters living in ‘jhuggis’ have been AAP’s traditional voting bank. “These are big ‘jhuggi’ settlements and the BJP has made sure that they live respectfully. Having a flat changes lives and is a dream come true. If we start asking for votes, they will remember what the BJP stands for,” said a senior party leader.

The ‘jhuggi’ site in the Bhoomiheen camp in Kalkaji will now be vacated if suitable candidates are given the keys to their flat. The second phase of the rehabilitation will begin after the vacation of the place where the Navjeevan and Jawahar camps will be rehabilitated.

Ramesh Bidhuri, Member of Parliament for the BJP in South Delhi, explained: “The BJP had been giving ‘pucca’ houses to the poor for quite some time. It was PM Modi’s idea to ensure that the residents of ‘jhuggis’ would get a flat on the same spot. While previous governments moved the poor population to the outskirts of the national capital, BJP called for them to be rehabilitated in the same area. Someone who works in South Delhi will not live in Narela or Alipur if he gets a flat there.”

The new flats are being built as part of the ‘In-Situ Slum Rehabilitation’ project and the keys will be handed over during a program at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi.

“DDA has conducted three projects at Kalkaji Extension, Jailorwala Bagh and Kathputli Colony. As part of the Kalkaji Extension Project, in-situ slum rehabilitation of three slum clusters, namely Bhoomiheen Camp, Navjeevan Camp and Jawahar Camp in Kalkaji, is being phased in. Phase I of the project has been completed and 3024 flats are ready to move into. These flats have been built at a cost of about Rs. 345 crores and are equipped with all public amenities including finishing with vitrified floor tiles, ceramic tiles, Udaipur green marble kitchen countertops, etc.

“Public facilities such as community parks, electrical substations, sewage treatment plant, double water pipes, elevators, underground reservoir for hygienic water supply, etc. are also provided. The allocation of flats will bring the people’s title to property and a sense of security,” the government said.

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