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International Stress Awareness Day 2022: Theme, History and Meaning

International Stress Awareness Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in November. This year it falls on November 2. It’s a day to remind yourself not to stress about situations you have no control over. The day also aims to raise awareness about the ill effects of chronic stress and how to manage and prevent them. The day was created by Carole Spiers, the president of ISMA. Here’s everything you need to know about International Stress Awareness Day:

International Stress Awareness Day: Theme

While there is no specific theme for International Stress Awareness Day, ISMA has named a theme for International Stress Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “Working together to build resilience and reduce stress”.

According to their official website: “ISMA, UK cordially invites anyone who believes in working together to achieve these goals to join us in making International Stress Awareness Week a high-impact event that fulfills its mission of raising awareness of stress around the world for over 24 years.”

International Day for Stress Awareness: History

In 1936, endocrinologist Hans Selye coined the psychological concept of the term “stress” and gave the so-called “general adjustment syndrome” or GAS model. Stress Awareness Month has also been commemorated every April since 1992. It aims to raise awareness of the causes and remedies for increasing stress in life.

International Stress Awareness Week was adopted in 2018 with the hope of raising awareness about stress prevention.

International Stress Awareness Day was founded in 1998 by Carole Spiers, the president of ISMA. It would be commemorated every first Wednesday in November. The aim was to raise public awareness and help recognizing, managing and reducing stress.

The International Stress Management Association is tasked with developing strategies backed by data and science to help employers and employees manage stress at work. They also help organize programs within their organizations for this.

International Stress Awareness Day: Meaning

International Stress Awareness Day is commemorated to remind people of the importance of living fulfilling lives. It tells us that there are certain situations that are out of your control, and worrying about it won’t make it better. The day also aims to make people aware of the serious health problems that can arise from stress.

After all, too much stress is a cause of multiple health complications of the body and brain. International Stress Awareness Day can also help people learn how to turn certain levels of stress into an opportunity. By distinguishing between good and bad stress, people can understand how to motivate themselves and improve their lives.

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