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Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi reveal they asked ‘bikini kab pehenegi’: ‘You have to keep that chatter out…’

Actor Sonakshi Sinha has always emphasized the importance of a healthy body image. The actor, who will next be seen in the comedy drama Double XL with Huma Qureshi, candid about the negative comments she had received about her appearance at the beginning of her career.

Sonakshi told Bollywood Hungama: “In the first three to four years of my career they only talked about my looks. It got to a point where I said don’t talk to me if this is all you’re going to talk about. I do a lot of work I work like a dog and I’m trying to build a life for myself, and all you want to know is about my weight.” Huma added that people had also asked why they weren’t wearing bikinis: “Bikini kab pehnegi, we’ve been asked that.” Sonakshi continued: “What does that have to do with anyone,” adding that both social media and the media in such “Looking or not looking a certain way hasn’t hindered my career in any way, you have to keep that chatter out,” she said.

Speaking about her movie Double XL, Sonakshi Sinha said the story was very personal to them as it revolved around two girls who wanted to fulfill their dreams but they were always held back. She said the positive response they’ve gotten to the trailer is a form of validation. However, Huma Qureshi hopes that people will come to the cinema to watch Double XL. “It is important to us that the audience goes to the theatres. That’s the only validation we need. People are coming, but slowly. This film has been a personal journey and I would feel bad if they didn’t come to the cinema.”

Double XL will be released on November 4.

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