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Marie-Eve Dicaire ‘too big and too strong’ for Natasha Jonas? Rival champion promises to be ‘a lot of fun’ | Boxing News

Marie-Eve Dicaire wants to prove that Natasha Jonas doesn’t belong in the super-welterweight division as they fight in a WBC, WBO and IBF title union, live on Sky Sports on November 12.

Liverpool’s Jonas, who has spent her career sporting super feathers and lightweight, jumped three divisions to become world champion weighing 154 pounds.

In her next fight, Jonas united world titles when she defeated Patricia Berghult to add the WBC belt to the WBO championship she held.

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Natasha Jonas will fight Marie-Eve Dicaire as she prays to unite three world titles at super welterweight

However, Dicaire has had six world title fights himself and has been boxing with super welter since 2017.

“Bergult is not as strong as me. I am strong, I am happy,” she warned. “Natasha Jonas is a tough fighter, she can box inside, she can box outside. I think the weight will be the problem for this fight.

“Too big and too strong, we’ll see. But I know this will be an advantage for me. I’m going to use it.

“She will try to find a way out. I have many tools and I am ready to use them all to take victory in this fight.

“I know she’s a good boxer and she’ll be able to adapt. And that’s a good thing, because I can do that too. So we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Dicaire is gaining weight physically, but has only won one of her 19 distant battles.

She and Jonas both defeated Chris Namus to win their first world title fights. In 2018, Dicaire defeated Namus over 10 rounds, while Jonas managed an explosive finish in February of this year, beating Namus within two rounds.

“It was pretty impressive,” admitted Dicaire. “She [Namus] short term, maybe she wasn’t taking the fight seriously.

“I’m going to allow more adversity into this fight.”

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Natasha Jonas becomes unified super welterweight world champion after unanimous victory over Patricia Berghult

Jonas possibly fighting Claressa Shields, the former undisputed superwelter champion and current undisputed middleweight champion, has been much discussed. But Dicaire warned against seeing her as an adversary.

“She does her business the way she does, but for me I’m arguing on November 12 and that’s all that matters,” Dicaire said. “She has to visit me first on November 12.”

Shields in fact gave Dicaire her first career loss when she defeated the Canadian over 10 rounds in Flint. It was a shutout win for Shields, but Dicaire promises that her experience has made her a better fighter.

“We knew Claressa Shields was considered one of the best pound-for-pound on the planet and to hold my side of the fight for 10 rounds, to be able to give her good rounds, to let her through it hard working I told I know I have my place in the elite I know I can fight with those girls So it was a boost of confidence For me yes it’s defeat but that didn’t define the athlete who I am and I want to use it, to bounce back,” said Dicaire.

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Natasha Jonas became world champion for the third time by stopping Christian Namus in two rounds

“I was able to get her to pay on some points. I might have done things a little differently with the background I have now, but in the end it was a great experience for me.

“It was quite important for me to regain my world title, that’s what I did and two fights after this defeat I’m back in a united fight and that’s pretty amazing for me,” she continued.

“I have more experience, I have more confidence and actually it was the best thing that could have happened to me in my career. Because it showed me so much. I learned from it and I was able to get my title back and face Natasha Jonas in a unification fight.”

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