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Sony PS5 price increased in India, check out new prices here

After increasing the PlayStation 5 price in other regions, Indians will also have to spend more to buy a PS5 console. For now, only the PS5 console – both the disc and digital versions – have gone up in price and accessories such as the DualSense controller, charging dock and PS5 HD camera are still sold at their current MSRP.

On Sony India’s ShopAtSc website, the PlayStation 5 console now shows the updated MSRP of Rs 54,990 for the disc console and Rs 44,990 for the digital console. Accessories, including the PS5 DualSense controller, HD camera, Pulse 3D headphones and PS5 DualSense charging dock, will still be sold at the current suggested retail price of Rs 5,990, Rs 5,190, Rs 8,590 and Rs 2,590 respectively.

ShopAtSc, Sony India’s online portal, shows the newly updated price.

While there has been no official communication from Sony India, and unless the new price on the ShopAtSc website is a pricing error (unlikely), it’s more than clear that the company is waiting for the God of War Ragnarok launch on November 9 before it releases. makes the new price official.

The price increase is in line with other regions around the world, including Europe, Middle East, Canada and more. However, there is speculation that the price hike may not have a long-term effect on PS5 sales in India.

The development also comes right after the rival brand’s Xbox Series X took a third price hike in India. The Xbox Series X now costs Rs 55,990 in India.

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