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Highlights from Amit Shah’s interview with News18

The Bharatiya Janata Party will retain power in Gujarat by an overwhelming majority and Bhupendra Patel will be the chief minister, senior BJP leader and interior minister Amit Shah, Amit Shah said in an exclusive interview with Network18 Group Editor-in- Chief Rahul Joshi.

In the interview, Amit Shah also invaded the Congress saying that it has no right to claim Sardar Patel’s legacy and challenged the grand old party to clearly state its position on the unified civil code.

Weigh in on the’restartedSpeaking during the pre-election debate in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, Shah said that while the freebie culture is aimed at just collecting votes, the social security schemes announced to help raise people’s living standards are different.

Here’s a look at the top 10 quotes from Amit Shah’s interview at News18’s ‘Gujarat Adhiveshan’ event:

  • About the elections in Gujarat: “There will be a great victory in Gujarat. We will break all election records and form the government by an overwhelming majority. We have always lived up to the expectations of the people of Gujarat… Our vote share will surely increase. The number of seats will also increase. We will form the government with a large majority. Will be the best performance ever.”
  • On the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections: “Modes ji will surely be re-elected as Prime Minister of the country in 2024. The world looks to him with hope and the nation looks to his global leadership…W9e will again form the government in 2024 under the leadership of Narendra Modi.
  • On AAP: “No doubt the situation of law and order in Punjab deteriorated after the AAP came to power. But the Center is closely monitoring and we will not let the situation get out of hand.”
  • On Congress pledge to rename Narendra Modi Stadium: Congress propagates lies. A sports complex was built there and named Sardar Patel Sports Stadium. There will be 18 stadiums, one of which will be named after PM Modi. Those who do not have any problem raise such issues. But the people of Gujarat will not fall for your (Congress) lies.”
  • About Congress & Sardar Patel: The Congress has no right to adopt the name Sardar Patel. We haven’t seen Sardar Patel’s photo on the convention stage for 50 years. PM Narendra Modi made the tallest statue of Sardar Patel. No congressman went there to offer flowers just because it was built during Modi’s tenure.”
  • About uniform civil code: “Since 1950, all our electoral programs have said that we are committed to the implementation of a uniform civil code. Unified Civil Code is a very old promise of BJP and we deliver what we promise. We also delivered what we promised on Ram Mandir, Article 370 and Triple Talaq.”
  • About Jammu and Kashmir: Previous governments never went after those who finance terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. But we have taken firm action against the pawns of terrorism.”
  • On instability in Pakistan: “Whatever the threat is, it will be confined to the other side of the border. We will not let it enter our country.”
  • On regaining control in PoK: “These discussions cannot be held in public. But India and its parliament have always decided that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is our land.”
  • On corruption-free governance: “It was hard to count scams under Congress rule. But it’s hard to find scams in our tenure. modes ji has created a system of good governance that will continue.

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