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In News18 interview, Amit Shah dares to declare to Congress that it is a unified civil code

A unified civil code has always been a part of the BJP’s promises, but the Congress has never taken a position on it, Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah said in an exclusive interview with the editor-in-chief from Network18, Rahul Joshi. During the interview, Amit Shah challenged the Congress to spell out his position on Uniform Civil Code.

“Since 1950, all our electoral programs have said that we are committed to the implementation of a uniform civil code. Unified Civil Code is a very old promise of BJP and we deliver what we promise. We have also done what we promised on Ram Mandir, Article 370 and Triple Talaq… but can Congress clarify its position on Uniform Civil Code?’ Shah asked.

The Home Secretary also slammed the Congress for trying to make the naming of a sports stadium after Prime Minister Narendra Modi a political issue. “Congress is propagating lies. A sports complex was built there and named Sardar Patel Sports Stadium. There will be 18 stadiums, one of which will be named after PM Modi. Those who do not have any problem raise such issues. But the people of Gujarat will not fall for your (Congress) lies.”

Amit Shah tore into the grand old party, adding that it had no right to usurp Sardar Patel’s legacy after “ignoring” the icon for so many decades.

“Congress has no right to adopt the name Sardar Patel. We haven’t seen Sardar Patel’s photo on the convention stage for 50 years. PM Narendra Modi made the tallest statue of Sardar Patel. No congressman went there to offer flowers just because it was built during Modi’s tenure,” he said.

The BJP government in Gujarat, where elections were held, had recently announced that it would form a committee headed by a retired Supreme Court judge to review all aspects of the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code in the state.

The code, which aims to unify and implement personal laws, will apply equally to all citizens regardless of religion, sex, gender and sexual orientation.

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