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Instead of writing ‘fraudulent’ pieces about Nehru, focus on rectifying the justice system: Congress Slams Rijiju

Congress on Tuesday criticized Union Minister Kiren Rijiju for his new attack on Jawaharlal Nehru, saying that instead of wasting time writing “fraudulent” pieces about the country’s first prime minister, he should focus on straightening out a justice system that protects those convicted of murder and gang rape.

Rijiju launched another attack on Nehru on the Kashmir issue on Monday, claiming that he put the United Nations under the wrong article after the invasion of Pakistan, making it a party to the dispute rather than an aggressor.

“Instead of wasting his time ‘writing’ fraudulent pieces about Nehru to please MoDistorter, Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju should focus on straightening out a justice system that releases those convicted of murder and gang rape Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said. a clear reference to the release of convicts in the Bilkis Bano gang rape case.

“He should be more tormented by this than slandering Nehru!” said Ramesh on Twitter.

Commenting on Twitter and in an op-ed for the News18 portal, Rijiju also said that Nehru perpetuated the “myth” of a UN-mandated plebiscite and created the “divisive” Article 370 of the constitution. “Nehru rejected Maharaja Hari Singh’s plea to join India not once but three times,” he said.

The new attack on Nehru came on his birthday.

Last month, Rijiju had written an article citing “five Nehruvian blunders”, including the idea of ​​a plebiscite and the provisional accession of Jammu and Kashmir.

The minister had said it was important to realize past mistakes in order to build a new future and added that he did not adjust history but stated facts to set things right.

In response to those criticisms, the Congress had demanded an apology from Rijiju for his criticism of Nehru’s handling of the Kashmir issue and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to curb ministers from making “irresponsible statements”.

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