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2024 would be my last election if I didn’t come to power, says Chandrababu Naidu

The 2024 elections would be his last if the people did not bring the Telugu Desam party to power, said leader N Chandrababu Naidu.

In an emotional tone at a roadshow in the Kurnool district late Wednesday, the former Chief Minister recalled his vow not to step into the Assembly until the TDP was back in power.

“If I have to go (back) to the Assembly, if I have to stay in politics and if justice is to be done to Andhra Pradesh…unless you assure our victory in the next election…that could be my last election,” Naidu said.

‘Will you bless me? Do you trust me’, he asked the people, who responded enthusiastically.

Claiming that the ruling YSR Congress had insulted his wife on the floor of the House, the opposition leader had vowed on November 19, 2021, not to re-enter the Andhra Pradesh Assembly until after taking power.

During the roadshow, Naidu reminded people of his vow and said the next election would be his last if he did not return to power.

“I will only set things right and put the state back on track for progress and hand over the future to others,” he added.

This should become a talking point in every household. “My fight is for the future of children, the future of the state. It’s not a long conversation. I had done it before and there is a model (to prove it),’ the TDP chief noted.

“Think about it. Weigh the pros and cons. If what I say is right, work with me,” he urged people.

Naidu noted that he was “very fit physically”. said the year-old TDP leader.

The TDP supremo refuted the YSRC’s claim that Naidu would do away with all free programs if re-elected, claiming that he would in fact do better.

“I will develop (the state) and create wealth. This increases the income and we use it to implement the social assistance schemes. In fact, we will do better, but unlike (Prime Minister) Jagan Mohan Reddy, we will not borrow heavily for that,” the former prime minister said.

He pointed out that the government regime borrowed money indiscriminately, pushing the state into a debt trap.

“They have even mortgaged the assets of the state to attract large loans,” Chandrababu added.

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