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AAP’s first transgender candidate wants to encourage the community to impress

Bobi was only 15 when her family handed her over under social pressure to a ‘guruji’ from the transgender community. Now, more than 20 years later, the AAP’s first transgender candidate wants to beautify her supporters and improve the lives of her neighbors.

Inspired by and having participated in the anti-corruption movement of Anna Hazare, the candidate of Sultanpur Majra Vidhan Sabha under SC-10, 43 A aims to eradicate the corruption of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

“I was associated with the Anna movement. At that time I was inspired that a man in his 70s was protesting against corruption. I was also part of that movement,” Bobi told PTI.

And she also has bigger plans for her constituency.

“If elected, beautifying parks that are in disarray will be at the top of my priority list. The area is dirty and I will also focus on cleaning and taking out the rubbish.

“Several people around me still have no access to food and clothing. So meeting those basic needs will also be on my agenda,” she said.

Bobi has long been associated with social work and helping children access school.

The 38-year-old has previous electoral experience, having participated in the 2017 citizen polls.

“I had contested the 2017 election as a candidate for the All India Forward Bloc at the insistence of people, but I lost. I want to serve people on a larger scale if I am elected,” she said.

Affectionately dubbed “Bobi Darling,” the AAP candidate is confident in her chances and says people assured her they would vote for her.

The performance of the AAP in Delhi has increased that confidence.

“The party has done exemplary work in improving the condition of schools and hospitals, giving free bus rides to women and taking old people on pilgrimages. Since the time I started to understand things, I have not seen the BJP or Congress raise such issues. The party is doing historic work,” she said.

Speaking about her childhood and the impact of her mentor, Bobi said, “My guruji is no more, but he was everything to me. Since the time I was handed over to guruji, I started dancing and singing to earn a living.

“I defied all odds, danced in people’s homes and saved every penny. I used that savings to buy a house, something that wouldn’t be possible now. But I can say I’ve been successful.” When asked why her family had to give her up, she said they had no choice.

“You know what society was like then. Now people are starting to understand and accept us. But in those days it was not possible to fight people. My parents didn’t want to give me up – no parent can give up their child – but they had to,” she recalls.

“I have my mother and a younger brother, who has four children. I visit my family every six months. My father, who ran a small restaurant, died 15-16 years ago,” she said.

Bobi had to drop out of school when she was in 9th grade due to bullying and harassment, and wants to make sure others don’t go through the same thing.

“I couldn’t get an education and that’s why I want children to study,” said Bobi.

If elected, she plans to fund the education of 100 to 200 underprivileged children.

Bobi said a win for her would also be good for the transgender community.

“Society is changing and people from our community are being accepted. I have faced many difficulties and hardships, but now things are changing for the better. If I win the polls, it will send a strong message and also encourage transgender people to step forward and make their mark,” she added.

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