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Don’t implement RSS calendar; Ready to resign if proven otherwise: Governor of Kerala

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, who has vigorously refuted allegations of politicization of his constitutional position, has said he is ready to resign if there is even one instance where he appoints someone belonging to organizations that the state government considers “politically troublesome”. ” are considered.

As the bitter battle between him and the ruling LDF continues in the state, mainly over the appointment of vice-chancellors in the universities, Khan also claimed that it is his job to ensure that the government’s affairs are conducted in accordance with the law.

In an interview with PTI here this week, Khan, who has been governor of the state for three years, dismissed concerns that his position would be politicised.

“Where is the politicization? I said that for the last three years you said that I implemented the RSS calendar. Give me one name, just one case where I have appointed someone belonging to organizations you find politically inconvenient, RSS, BJP… name one name that with my authority, I have named someone in any university, I will resign.

“It can be politicization… if one does such things. I didn’t do it and I’m not being pressured to do it,” he said.

Amid the ongoing battle between him and the Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan-led government, leftist parties staged a protest march towards the Raj Bhavan in the capital Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday.

CPI(M) Secretary General Sitaram Yechury had said that there is a situation where the governor’s office is running against the state governments.

“This issue of controlling education is an important aspect of the BJP-RSS’s political design to transform this secular democratic India into a fascist Hindutva Rashtra of their liking and for that they need to improve the education and consciousness of our youth. control,” Yechury had said.

Responding to a question about his announcement last month that Finance Minister KN Balagopal “is no longer enjoying my pleasure”, the governor said during the interview that the minister’s remarks were trying to fan the “fire of provincialism”.

Khan had said in an unprecedented move that drew strong criticism from both the state government and opposition parties that a minister who deliberately breaches the oath and undermines India’s unity and integrity “cannot continue to enjoy my pleasure”. sought “constitutionally appropriate” action against Balagopal and the demand was firmly rejected by the chief minister.

The governor elaborated on the matter during the interview, saying that he had not been deprived of the pleasure just because the minister had said something to him.

“He (Finance Minister) said how one who is born in UP can gain insight into Kerala education system. He is trying to fan the flames of provincialism, regionalism. He is challenging the unity of India… He is challenging the system, he is challenging the unity of India,” Khan said.

He also noted that if someone from Kerala tries to fan the fires of provincialism, “what effect will it have on the Keralites who work outside the state?”.

Regarding the minister still remaining in office, the governor said, “I do not have the authority to remove him as it is the choice of the chief minister, but at least I will let the people of Kerala know. That much I should do to fulfill my duty, the oath I took to serve the interests of the people of Kerala”.

In connection with the earlier installment of the reappointment of the vice chancellor of Kannur University, which was approved by him, the governor said he had admitted that he was wrong.

“The Solicitor General, if you are speaking in moral and ethical terms, he should have resigned now. It was he who misled me into believing that what they are asking me is not illegal… I mentioned in the file that what you are asking me is in my opinion not right, not legal, irregular,” said Khan.

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