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Sussanne Khan receives emotional birthday wish from boyfriend Arslan Goni: ‘I pray the child in you lives forever…’

On the birthday of designer Susanne Khan, her boyfriend Arslan Goni shared a montage of her photos on social media, capturing many of their romantic moments together. He also wrote an emotional post, praising her lavishly. The couple has been in a relationship for more than two years, at Arslan’s post.

Arslan wrote in his caption: “Happy happy birthday my dear … I put it all there. In the past two years I have felt the same emotions as always only when I was happy I was happier when I was sad I was less sad and if I was in pain I had the strength to take it…..I want to thank you love.And I pray that the child in you always stay alive and spread happiness. Lots of love and happiness.Happy birthday.Ps I couldn’t post another song because this was the song of the year.” The video was set to One Republic’s song “I Ain’t Worried.”

Sussanne had previously shared photos with her sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. She was previously married to their father, Hrithik Roshan. She captioned the post: “So scared of getting older I’m only good at being young. So I’m playing the numbers game. To find a way to say..life has just begun… so this train won’t stop and not for a minute change the place I am… Thank you Life, Thank you for making me who I am. With all the flaws and scars I wear my armor proudly…”

Susanne and Hrithik Roshan divorced in 2013. The couple remain on friendly terms and co-parent their children together, and Susanne regularly attends get-togethers with the Roshans. While Sussanne is dating Arslan, Hrithik is now dating Saba Azad.

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