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“missiles with a range of 5000 km can now be intercepted…” Interview of DRDO chief Dr. Kamat on AD-1 missile | News

03 November 2022, 23:22 ISTSource: ANI

India successfully completed the first flight test of Phase II Ballistic Missile Defense Interceptor AD-1 on Dr Abdul Kalam Island, located off the coast of Odisha on Nov. 2. After the successful test, DRDO chief Dr. Samir V Kamat that the 500 km long range missiles can now be intercepted. He said: “We initially developed BMD phase 1 capability to destroy incoming 2000 km class missiles. Yesterday’s test has now helped us to intercept every 5,000 km class missile.” “If our enemies aim from a great distance, we now have the ability to intercept. It’s a significant jump in our capability against ballistic missiles,” he added.

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