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AAP Announces Second List of 117 Candidates for Delhi MCD Polls

The Aam Aadmi party released its final list of 117 candidates for the Dec. 4 polls to the Delhi Municipal Corporation on Saturday.

The Arvind Kejriwal-led party had released its first list for the 250-member House on Friday. The party said in a statement that “the people’s choice has become the voice of the party”, with old party workers taking priority over the second list of candidates after coming to the top of all polls.

“As many as 117 long-time and hard-working party volunteers with a strong presence in their areas have been given priority ticket distribution,” the statement said.

The list of candidates was finalized during a marathon meeting of the AAP Political Affairs Committee chaired by Kejriwal.

Before issuing the tickets, the AAP interviewed all candidates and sought public feedback. More than 20,000 party employees had signed up to contest the upcoming citizen polls.

For the second consecutive day, the AAP’s Political Commission (PAC) met here on Saturday to finalize the list of candidates and discuss other poll-related matters.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and AAP Delhi State Convenor Gopal Rai were also present in the meeting among other senior members. “The purpose of today’s PAC meeting was to review the surveys and data regarding the remaining MCD divisions to which the party had not announced the candidates,” it said.

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal had challenged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to tell the public about five things they’ve done in the MCD over the past 15 years.

“Even forget five things, have them come out and tell us about two things they did in the MCD. They just hold press conferences and abuse Arvind Kejriwal 24 hours a day. They’ve called me a fraud, a terrorist, a Khalistani and what not. What kind of politics is this?” he said at a press conference here.

He accused the Saffron Party of indulging in “negative politics,” he said: “People don’t like negative politics and false accusations. Over the past seven to eight months and especially since VK Saxena was appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, the BJP has been consistently involved in the politics of impeachment and spreading hatred against the elected government in Delhi. People are fed up with politics.” The Delhi Chief Minister further claimed that the BJP has done everything possible to stop the work of its government, but despite all the impediments, the AAP has completed the projects it had started.

“Delhiites have seen this and so we are confident that they will not vote for the BJP in the upcoming MCD elections. We can tell the people what we will give them in the next five years in the MCD and yesterday we released 10 guarantees for them.

“The BJP has no plans for the MCD. All they do is abuse Kejriwal. Let me tell them clearly that simply abusing Kejriwal will not get them votes,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Delhi BJP on Saturday released its first list of 232 candidates for the public opinion polls with the nominees including 126 women, three Muslims, seven Sikhs and nine former mayors, according to a party statement.

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