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After Anil Antony’s resignation, cong leaders say people with different opinions may seek other paths

The congress in Kerala on Wednesday came down heavily on the son of veteran leader AK Antony for his tweet about the controversial BBC documentary in which he said people with different opinions might take different paths.

Hours after Anil Antony tendered his resignation from party positions, VD Satheesan, senior congress leader and leader of the opposition in the State Assembly, said the former defense minister’s son took a position contrary to the proclaimed policy of the great old side.

He also welcomed Anil’s decision to abdicate from the responsibilities entrusted to him by the party.

An agitated leadership of the southern state’s Youth Congress said it could not maintain such a contradictory view within the Congress party’s ideological framework.

Earlier in the day, senior leader Shashi Tharoor, who is said to be close to Anil, also rejected his view, describing his arguments as “immature” in the British broadcaster’s documentary.

“I feel this is an immature position… Because our country’s sovereignty cannot be so easily compromised…will it be compromised if a foreign documentary is shown?…or our national security and sovereignty so be vulnerable to being compromised by a documentary?” he said.

However, Tharoor said Anil, who had handled the party’s digital communications for some time, was a “good person” and had not discussed the issue of the BBC documentary with him.

Showing no mercy towards Antony’s son, Satheesan said that Anil took a position contrary to the stated policies of the Congress party and therefore welcomed his decision to abdicate from the responsibilities the party had entrusted to him.

He said KPCC chief K Sudhakaran had already clarified the party’s position on the BBC documentary issue.

“It applies to everyone. People with a different opinion can look for other ways. Any comments from anyone against the party’s position will not be accepted,” he told reporters in Idukki.

Satheesan said Anil is a person who knows about the party’s policies and said his opinion can be said from outside the party.

If he sticks to his opinion of the BBC documentary, the party will take a serious look at it, he added.

If banned in the country, Congress would take the lead in showing the documentary defying the ban.

Youth Congress president Shafi Parambil also rejected Anil’s views and said India’s sovereignty is not a bubble that can burst so easily.

The country’s sovereignty has a strong foundation built through the freedom struggle and the rights guaranteed by the constitution.

“So we are not prepared to accept or believe that criticism of Modi is directed against India…Anil’s resignation was ideologically inevitable. Because he cannot maintain such an opinion within the Congress Party cadre,” he said in Palakkad.

The congressional party’s stance on the issue would not be diluted with the statement of an individual, said the leader, also an MLA.

When asked whether Anil had failed in his duty to promote and publicize the Bharat Jodo Yatra in his capacity as the National Coordinator of the AICC Social Media and Digital Communications Cell, Parambil said the party would investigate such matters.

If he had not properly fulfilled his responsibilities, it was a mistake, the leader added.

However, BJP head of state K Surendran welcomed Anil’s resignation as Congress Digital Media Convenor, saying it was a setback to the party leadership’s anti-national approach.

His resignation exemplified the situation that patriots cannot work in the Congress party, he charged, adding that Anil was now becoming unpopular for the party because of his opposition to foreign powers’ encroachments on the country’s integrity, unity and sovereignty .

Anil had tweeted on Tuesday that despite major differences with the BJP, those who support and place British broadcaster and former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw are the “brains behind the Iraq war” (with the US-led coalition involved in 2003). ) on Indian institutions set a dangerous precedent.

The two-part BBC documentary, which claims to have explored certain aspects related to the riots in Gujarat in 2002 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the chief minister of that state, has been thrown out by the Foreign Ministry as a “propaganda piece that lacked objectivity. and reflected a “colonial mentality”.

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(This story has not been edited by News18 staff and was published from a syndicated news agency feed)

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