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Discussions are underway with legal experts on strategy at the hearing in SC, says K’taka CM

Moving towards a legal battle with Maharashtra over the border dispute, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Monday that talks are underway with the state’s legal experts on the strategy to follow when the case reaches the Supreme Court.

He also remained cautious while responding to demands from people from some villages in Maharashtra, bordering Karnataka, who reportedly wanted their merger with the state.

“There is a case in the Supreme Court on 30 November, yesterday I met with the Chairman of the Karnataka Border and River Formation Commission and former Supreme Court Justice Judge Shivaraj Patil and other experts regarding the strategy and legal perspective,” said Bommai. .

Speaking to reporters here, he said on Nov. 29, he will hold talks with senior lawyer in the state legal panel, Mukul Rohatgi in New Delhi, on the strategy and the matters that may be specifically addressed at the hearing on Wednesday .

The border dispute dates back to the 1960s following the reorganization of states along linguistic lines.

Maharashtra claimed Belagavi, which was part of the former Bombay Presidency, as it has a significant Marathi speaking population. It also laid claim to 80 Marathi speaking villages which are currently part of Karnataka.

Responding to a question about people from some villages in Maharashtra bordering Karnataka who were allegedly demanding merger of their areas with the state and what his message was for them, Bommai, who declined to say much, said that the matter is pending. was at the Supreme Court. who will decide.

“All these matters are before the Supreme Court… I myself have already said what to do, but as the case is before the Supreme Court, it has now been decided not to discuss them as it may have some implications. It will be decided by the Supreme Court,” he said.

The Prime Minister had recently said that the regions of Solapur and Akkalkot in Maharashtra belonged to Karnataka.

Bommai dismissed criticism of a recent meeting between the governors of Karnataka and Maharashtra to discuss various issues related to both states and attempts to link it to the border issue being raised again. case pending in the Supreme Court, that has come to trial, that’s all.”

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