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With Bharat Jodo Yatra set to enter Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Sachin pilot rejects internal rift

Aside from rumors that a power struggle could ruin the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Rajasthan, Congress leader Sachin Pilot said the party is “completely united” and will ensure that the Yatra achieves the same success as in other states.

Pilot also attacked Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for making comments about his disagreement with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The congress leader said the BJP should not say anything as it too has at least a dozen claimants for the post of prime minister.

“There is so much division in the BJP. They have not even been able to establish themselves as a real opposition in Rajasthan for the past four years,” Pilot told PTI in an interview on a day when the Bharat Jodo Yatra enters Rajasthan.

Asked about concerns about the fate of the yatra in Rajasthan after the events leading up to it, with Gehlot attacking him in an interview with NDTV, Pilot dismissed the fears as “stories spread in the media”.

“As far as Rahul (Gandhi) ji’s Bharat jodo yatra is concerned, there is complete unanimity in the party and we are working together to make it a success,” Pilot said, PTI reported.

“So there is no question of individuals – A, B or C. As a party we have worked hard to form a government and Rahul ji’s yatra will only add to the efforts for the next election in 12 months,” said the former Rajasthan. said the deputy prime minister.

Noting that Congress general secretary KC Venugopal was in Jaipur last week, Pilot said that there was a long discussion about different aspects of the yatra and how to mobilize all workers and thousands of people were about to join. to connect.

‘No fear whatsoever’: pilot

So there is absolutely no fear of any kind, he added.

“There are some planted stories here or there, people trying to create fabricated controversies, but the party is completely united. We will make the yatra even more successful than in other states,” said Pilot.

When asked if Gehlot’s comments to him had cast a shadow on the yatra, Pilot said, “I think it is more important right now for the yatra to enter Rajasthan and be successfully concluded (in the state).” making the yatra a great success so that it remains in the minds and memories of the people for years and generations,” said the former Union minister.

That is the primary focus and everyone is doing their utmost to ensure that the yatra is a success, Pilot said.

Gehlot’s ‘Gaddar’ remark

His remarks come days after a major row broke out over Gehlot’s comments that Pilot is a ‘gaddar’ (traitor) and cannot replace him. The comments provoked a sharp response from Pilot, who had said it was inappropriate for Gehlot’s stature to use that kind of language and that such “mud-throwing” would not help at a time when the focus should be on the yatra.

On whether the yatra will forge unity in the Rajasthan unit of Congress, Pilot told PTI, “Saying this I am saying this for myself and everyone else that our top priority right now is to win the next election . Every five years the government in Rajasthan changes. That trend needs to be broken and whatever it takes to break that trend, we will all do collectively. a government with a full majority, he noted.

“If we work together in the future and the government and the organization keep our promises, as we have done in the past, we can win the election,” he said.

‘Idea is to win Rajasthan’

The idea is to win Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh as it is critical that those polls are held close to the Lok Sabha polls next year, he said.

Speaking of the yatra, pilot said the BJP claimed it would only gain traction in the southern part of India, but as it moved from Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and now Rajasthan, it had only grown in size and impact.

“So it is certainly a cause for concern for the BJP. Concerning the Congress, we are getting a lot of traction, the message of the Yatra has reached the masses,” he said.

Rajasthan has elections in 12 months, so the Congress naturally hopes to take advantage of the yatra sweeping 500 km across Rajasthan, he said.

“We are fully equipped. This is the first state where we are in government (where the Yatra passes through) as opposed to other states where we are in opposition. We have prepared for a historic welcome,” said Pilot.

On the BJP’s oft-repeated slash that the party needs “Congress jodo” instead of Bharat Jodo, pilot said the BJP is just pointing the finger and looking into other people’s affairs, but it needs to look inward and introspection about what it has achieved as an opposition in the state.

Just two days ago, the BJP started a district-wide ‘Jan Aakrosh Rath yatra’, but it was a failure from day one, he claimed.

(with input from PTI)

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