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Asteroid threat looms over Earth today, NASA says

NASA has warned that a dangerous asteroid is hurtling toward Earth at high speed. Does it pose a threat to the planet?

Asteroids flying by has been a common theme in recent months with more than 35 asteroids passing close by in August and September. It looks like October will totally top that figure, as 35 space rocks have already flown past the planet. While most of these asteroids pass near Earth relatively safely, some get too close to be comfortable, like one recently when it got nearly as close to the moon, they could wreak havoc on the planet if these space rocks deviated. of their trajectory. NASA has now warned that a dangerous asteroid is hurtling toward Earth today.

Asteroid 2022 UU1 Important Details

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office has marked an asteroid named Asteroid 2022 UU1 in red for its extremely close approach to the planet. The asteroid will come closest to Earth today, October 26, at a distance of 4.1 million kilometers per hour. It is already on its way to the planet at a speed of almost 25848 kilometers per hour!

According to the-sky.org, the Asteroid 2022 UU1 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids. He was not discovered until October 18. It takes this asteroid 1,372 days to complete one orbit around the sun, with the maximum distance from the sun being 571 million kilometers and the closest distance being 152 million kilometers.

Did you know?

In research published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, MIT scientists have developed a new method to study the internal structure of asteroids based on how the spin changes when it gets close to a huge celestial body, such as a planet. approaches. This will aid in understanding the asteroid’s internal structure and weight distribution, which could aid future DART missions.

The team of MIT scientists wants to apply this research to the Near-Earth Asteroid Apophis. While this asteroid isn’t expected to hit Earth, a slight deviation in its orbit could send it hurtling toward the planet.

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