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Enjoy a professional experience by capturing RAW images on Google Pixel; here’s how- Technology News, Firstpost

With the latest Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones, Google continues its goal of providing devices with excellent camera performance. The recently released Google Pixel 7 series cameras have well-designed out-of-the-box camera features, but professional users also have the option to shoot RAW images as they have more editing options.

Enjoy a professional experience by capturing RAW images on Google Pixel;  here's how

JPEG files can undoubtedly create a perfect photo. However, they are lossy and lack any background details that can help with editing. But JPEG images can be shared and stored with great ease without taking up much storage space. A RAW image, on the other hand, is lossless and retains much of the captured data, making editing significantly easier. On your Google Pixel, or on any other device, a RAW file allows you to make more adjustments without compromising on general details. Because a RAW file is so large, it will undoubtedly slow down and take up space if you have a lot of them on your smartphone. In addition, it requires conversion before being supported in a readable file format by various software programs.

You can use the RAW + JPEG mode in the Google Pixel’s stock camera app to take photos in either format on your device. While this choice will obviously take up a lot more space on your device, it shouldn’t be a problem if you plan on exporting the RAW photos.

Steps to capture RAW images on Google Pixel smartphones:

Follow these steps below to capture RAW images with more detail on your Pixel smartphone:

Launch the Google Pixel smartphone’s camera app.
When the application opens, tap the camera settings drop-down button at the top of the screen.
Choose “More settings” from the drop-down list.
From there, select “Advanced” and enable “RAW + JPEG control” by changing the toggle switch.
After making the adjustments, you can open the camera settings drop-down menu and select “RAW” to capture photos in both RAW and JPEG formats.
Once the feature is activated, the system will add a new folder called “RAW” to the Google Photos app, where all RAW photos will be stored. You can now easily export the photos to other editing software and make the necessary adjustments.

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