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Now you can send digital gifts to your favorite Instagram creator; find out how

Using a new “end-to-end toolkit”, creators can now create NFT collections on Instagram and sell them to their friends and followers.

Meta has introduced some new creative tools for Facebook and Instagram creators.

The most interesting development is that Instagrammers will soon be able to create their own NFTs and sell them directly to their fans, both inside and outside the app, according to Mashable.

With this release, creators have access to a number of tools for creating, displaying, and selling NFTs.

According to Mashable India, the platform has been testing NFTs on Facebook and Instagram since last year. Until now, however, Instagram users were unable to display tangible objects.

Using a new “end-to-end toolkit”, creators can now create NFT collections on Instagram and sell them to their friends and followers.

While the company has been gradually expanding its creature marketplace services for some time now, this update is Instagram’s first attempt at competing directly with established NFT marketplaces.

According to Meta, a cut in NFT sales will not be necessary until 2024, but 30 percent of the revenue will be deducted to cover the costs of the app store. The percentage of each resale that goes to the maker can range from 5 percent to 25 percent, according to Mashable.

The new tools are currently only accessible to a “limited number” of creators in the United States, though Meta says it aims to make them available to more people and countries “soon”. However, improvements are also being made to more popular NFT features. For collectors, Meta provides support for the Phantom wallet and the Solana blockchain.

Users can now embed video NFTs in their Instagram profiles. The app also includes OpenSea information for “selected collections,” according to Mashable.

According to Mashable, Meta said Facebook is expanding its use of Stars, a tool that allows content creators to be paid directly by their viewers on Facebook Watch, Facebook Live and Facebook On Demand. In addition, Facebook will begin testing automated onboarding for creators, which will automatically show the “Like” button on their posts. In addition to videos, Facebook is adding more content to its Stars features, such as images and status updates.

For creators already using Stars, Facebook is bringing Stars Party to the reels! According to Meta, a Stars Celebration is a community challenge within Stars that, if the creator succeeds, results in a party.

Facebook also gives content creators more options to interact with Star recipients. Creators can set up a filter for Comments Manager that collects all of their Stars comments in one location, so they can reply to multiple comments at once, according to Mashable.

Reels’ new “gifts” feature, which is strikingly similar to a feature in TikTok, is a means for Instagram creators to monetize.

Users can send digital gifts to creators of their favorite roles to express their gratitude. “Stars”, which are obtained with real money, are used to buy gifts. A creator receives a share of the prize after a user gives them a gift. The feature is now undergoing beta testing with a small number of creators, according to Mashable.

To put it simply, if you look at a puppy reel from that maker, you can send your favorite pet maker a dog-themed gift.

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