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SURPRISE! These amazing tech products for everyday life were invented by NASA; Checklist

NASA has invented some of the most interesting everyday life products that you won’t believe are related to space technology. Have a look.

What comes to mind when you hear news about NASA? Satellite launches, space missions, new technological inventions to test planetary defenses against asteroids, and everything related to space, galaxy, planets and more, right? But what if we told you that NASA invented some of the essential gadgets for everyday life in your home? Surprised! Yes that is true! The American space agency NASA has made some common products, such as vacuum cleaners, cameras, shoes and even foam. However, most of these started as a result of research to create more effective technology for use in spacecraft and by astronauts. Here is a list of technologies that you can even use in your own daily life.

Digital image sensors

The next time you use your DSLR camera, smartphone, or even GoPro to shoot photos and videos, remember to use NASA technology. The space agency confirmed that “the CMOS active pixel sensor in most digital image capture devices was invented when NASA needed to miniaturize cameras for interplanetary missions.” In fact, this technology is widely used in medical imaging and dental X-ray equipment.

Cordless vacuum cleaner!

Amazingly, a cordless vacuum cleaner is the result of NASA’s need for cordless power tools. NASA announced that an Apollo-era collaboration dating back to the 1960s and 1970s with Black & Decker to build battery-powered tools for lunar exploration and sample collection led to the development of the popular wireless Dustbuster vacuum cleaner.

Athletic shoes

Previously, NASA used the “blow rubber molding” process to make shock-absorbing helmets. Later, the technology was also applied to shoe soles, which helped to contain a shock-absorbing material.

Temper Foam

A foam from NASA! This may sound unrealistic, but there was also an extremely soft, shock-absorbing material from NASA technology. It is known as Temper foam whose origins date back to 1966 when it was developed to absorb various forms of shock or impact. It provides enhanced protection and comfort in NASA’s airplane seats and was later added to many other useful items

Computer mouse

The commonly used product in our everyday office or school or college life, a computer mouse actually came about when Bob Taylor, a flight control systems employee for NASA, found a way to make computers more functional. At the time, Taylor says, computers were still “thought of as calculators.” In fact, nothing more than glorified calculators.

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