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Two Comets Sensationally Swallowed by the Sun Captured LIVE by NASA SOHO Spacecraft

NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft has captured two “sungrazer” comets being engulfed by the sun. More than 4000 Kreutz fragments fell into the sun.

NASA recently shared images of two comets falling steeply into the sun on Saturday. The coronagraph was captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft, launched in 1995 by NASA and the European Space Agency. the giant star. However, a closer look at the coronagraph revealed that the comet was being followed by a smaller companion. Karl Battams of the US Naval Research Lab shared the same via tweet. He wrote: ‘Yesterday’s bright comet appeared to have a smaller, leading companion. This isn’t particularly uncommon — I estimate that at least 30% of the really fierce sungrazers we see in SOHO/LASCO end up with a small leading or chasing companion.”

Weather. com has shared that the comets are believed to have been vaporized by the sun’s scorching temperatures reaching 5,778 K or 9,941°F.

Kreutz is a group of comets with a very similar orbit that fall into the sun. They are all believed to have originated from a precursor comet that disintegrated to form thousands of smaller cometary fragments.

“What makes Kreutz comets unusual is that they all have the same (or very close) orbit, so we think they are fragments of a parent comet that was previously perturbed,” Tabare Gallardo, an astronomer at the Universidad de la República, told IPS. Uruguay, News Week.

Since this comet is believed to be the ancestor of the Kreutz solar grazers, scientists estimate that this comet may have been more than 75 miles in diameter.

Since its launch in 1995, SOHO has seen more than 4,000 Kreutz fragments fall into the sun.

Other bright comets associated with Kreutz sungrazers include the Great Comet of 1843, the Great Comet of 1882, and X/1106 C1.

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