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Terrifyingly powerful solar flare hits Earth; causes power outage in Africa, solar storm coming today?

An M-class flare, the strongest of its kind, hit Earth yesterday. The powerful burst of X-rays and UV radiation caused radio interference across Africa. Know if a solar storm will strike today.

The sun took a violent turn yesterday. A solar flare erupted from sunspot AR3098. This was no ordinary sunspot as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) classified it as an M-class flare. This is one of the strongest types of solar flares in existence. The event was recorded using the engineering marvel DSCOVR satellite. It has various instruments to observe temperature, speed, density, degree of orientation and frequency of solar particles ejected from the sun and calculates their intensity. This dangerous solar flare sent a powerful burst of X-ray and UV radiation to Earth, causing radio interference in Africa and the Middle East. At this time, it is not clear whether coronal mass ejection (CME) has also been released and whether it could trigger a solar storm today or in the coming days.

The report came from SpaceWeather.com who noted: “Departing sunspot AR3098 erupted today, September 16 at 0949 UT, producing an impulsive M8-class solar flare: image. It was almost an X-flare, the most powerful kind. A pulse of X-rays and extreme UV radiation caused strong shortwave radio interference over Africa and the Middle East Ham radio operators in the area may have noticed unusual propagation conditions at frequencies below 25 MHz for up to an hour after the flare.

Solar flare hits the earth

A shortwave radio interference may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause a very difficult situation for many. From ships and planes in travel to ham radio operators, they all suffered from a lack of connectivity. This means that ships and aircraft cannot make contact with the radio center and their navigational ability also decreases. Many ships are temporarily lost after being disconnected from the command center.

It is also believed that if the incoming radiation explosion were stronger, it could even block other wireless transmissions such as GPS, the Internet and cell phone networks. That would completely eliminate communication systems and cause massive chaos in the world.

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