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58 RTO services including driver’s license, vehicle registration can now be done ONLINE

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has informed that people can now use 58 RTO services including driver’s license, vehicle registration, online using Aadhaar authentication. check details.

You can now voluntarily avail 58 transportation related services online using Aadhaar authentication. The information was provided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) through its Twitter handle. The citizen-oriented services that can be used online, eliminating the need to visit the RTO, include driver’s license, conductor’s license, vehicle registration, permit, transfer of ownership. “MoRTH has issued a notice extending 18 citizen-focused services to 58 services related to driver’s license, conductor license, vehicle registration, permit, transfer of ownership, etc., completely online, eliminating the need to visit the RTO,” MoRTH tweet read.

“Providing such services in a contactless and faceless manner would go a long way towards saving critical time for citizens and easing their compliance burden. Consequently, visitor numbers at the RTOs are likely to decrease significantly, leading to greater efficiency in their functioning,” the ministry further said in a pronunciation. The central government has now authorized the Aadhaar authentication for the use of digital platforms to ensure good governance, and has reported the following:

1. Any person who wants to use various services online through the portal (Parivahan.gov.in or mParivahan application), must undergo Aadhaar authentication (on a voluntary basis);

2. Provided that a person who does not have an Aadhaar number can use this service in physical form by establishing the identity by physically submitting an alternative document to the respective Authority according to CMVR 1989.

The online services for which a citizen is required to undergo Aadhaar authentication are as mentioned below:

1. Application for Student License (LL).

2. Change of Address in Student License.

3. Name change in the student license.

4. Change of photo and signature in student license.

5. Issuance of a dual student license.

6. Layout of the extract of learners’ licenses.

7. Issuance of a Duplicate Driving License (DL).

8. Renewal of the driving license that does not require a driving test.

9. Replacement of driver’s license.

10. Application for registration for Accredited Driver Training Center driver training and requirement of obtaining a certificate to be sent to the appropriate Regional Transport Office (RTO) for issuance of a driving license (DL).

11. Change of address in driver’s license.

12. Name change in driver’s license.

13. Change of biometrics in driver’s license.

14. Change of date of birth in driver’s license.

15. Change of photo and signature in driver’s license.

16. Driver’s license extract.

17. Issue of International Driving Permit.

18. Transfer of Vehicle Class of License.

19. Approval to drive hazardous material.

20. Approval to drive in Hill Region.

21. Issuing a Defense Driver’s License.

22. Additional endorsement on Driver’s License (AEDL) for Defense Driver’s License Holder.

23. Issue of a PSV badge to the driver.

24. Issue of a double PSV badge.

25. Temporary PSV badge for driver.

26. Renewal of the Conductor’s License.

27. Issuance of a double conductor’s license.

28. Conductor’s license extract.

29. Issuance of a temporary conductor’s license.

30. Change of address in conductor’s license.

31. Change of biometrics in conductor’s license.

32. Name change in conductor’s license.

33. Application for temporary registration of a motor vehicle.

34. Application for registration of a motor vehicle with a fully built-up superstructure.

35. Application for the issue of a duplicate Certificate of Registration (RC).

36. Deposit of Registration Rights.

37. Application for Declaration of No Objection (NOC) for Proof of Registration.

38. Change of Address in Proof of Registration.

39. View data from the registration certificate (RC) for a fee.

40. Retention of Registration Number.

41. Notification of Transfer of Ownership of Motor Vehicle.

42. Application for transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle.

43. Payment of Additional Lifetime Tax (Property Transfer Case).

44. Approval of Hire Purchase Agreement.

45. Termination of Hire Purchase Agreement.

46. ​​Issuance or Renewal of Trade Certificate.

47. Issuance of new license.

48. Issue of a duplicate license.

49. Permit non-use.

50. Permanent license withdrawal.

51. Transfer of License.

52. Transfer of license (death case).

53. Renewal of license.

54. Renewal permit permit.

55. Application for a special permit.

56. Application for a temporary permit.

57. Update mobile number in record for transportation services.

58. Issue of a Duplicate Suitability Certificate.

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