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Forget hardware, Google wants user data, Pixelbook laptops notwithstanding Pixel phones

Yes, Google makes hardware and we’ve seen them in the form of Pixelbook, Pixel phones, or even Chromebooks, but hardware just isn’t central to the big profit picture that Google actually paints. For Google, it’s not the gadgets that matter, it’s the user data and for that, the software will do just fine, even if other hardware companies do the hard work or make and sell their products that run Goggle software. They also take the risk of creating products that may or may not sell, but Google doesn’t have to worry about that.

What Google is doing making hardware is testing the waters with its software and maybe even gently pushing manufacturers in the direction they should be going. Then Google sits back and collects the user data that flows through its software on other companies’ hardware phones to computers and more.

An example is Android Central. Take, for example, what happened to Pixelbook. Google just canceled the line! Now the fans of the product were very dissatisfied, but as far as Google is concerned, it all made perfect sense. After Google showed the product’s capabilities to other companies, Google withdrew and other companies that make laptops took over.

In that respect, Google is more like Microsoft than Apple simply because it makes software for other people to put into their products, while the latter builds products and also makes software for them.

Yes, both Google and Microsoft also make products as mentioned earlier, but the intent is very different. Google makes products to best test and improve its software. Through these products, Google tries “specialized hardware configurations”, such as Android Central said, to improve his other activities. That’s why Google has a long list of products it makes, including cameras, Wi-Fi routers, and more.

The end result is always the desire to collect more and more user data, even though it may cost money on these hardware products. And user data is what Google makes its money from.

“I think their ultimate goal may be user information obtained through the use of the device, rather than monetizing through the sale of the device itself,” said Sujeong Lim, a research analyst at Counterpoint Research.

In fact, it’s a win-win for everyone involved, from businesses to the users themselves, as long as they don’t notice that their privacy is being abused.

And this strategy will likely be implemented in the Pixel Watch as well. Once the other smartwatch makers pick up and use similar products, Google will likely step back once the target is met. and if the product fails, it just stops making it.

One thing is clear, though: if Google could get the most out of other companies’ hardware, it most likely wouldn’t be in the manufacturing sector at all. Because it can’t, it has to do it.

So turning off its hardware for Google is just a vital part of the company fattening its profits.

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